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Find information here about Launch Kiosks, Roadway Signage, River Signage, Dam and Portage Signs, Campsite Signage, and more!


Launch Signage & Kiosks
Material to Include in Launch Kiosks:
  • Paddling Safety information
  • Local Emergency Numbers
  • Two Illustrative Maps (One of the entire Water Trail (Watershed) and the other of the section of river to next downstream access point – Include: “you are here” on map).
  • Description of river section to the next downstream access point. Include: Distance (mileage/ average paddling time) and list obstacles, rapids (Class of whitewater) and ways to navigate or avoid them.
  • Driving directions to closest upstream/downstream access points
  • River Etiquette
  • Where to get more information about the water trail (URL)
  • “Water Trail is made possible through the generous support of…”(List sponsors and supporters).
  • Georgia Water Trails Logo (please contact Georgia River Network for permission to use logo). 
  • Existing amenities at closest upstream/downstream access points
Etowah River Water Trail – Lake Mounds Canoe & Kayak Launch Kiosks- Cartersville, GA
Roadway Signage
Currently there are various individual or project signs, but we are not aware of a model that cities and counties can use on their roadways that will create one visually recognizable graphic for the public to look for when driving to water trails in Georgia.
A Signage Packet is now available to inform water trail groups about the appropriate steps to take when looking to design and fabricate signs in the right-of-way belonging to Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and signs in the right-of-way belonging to counties and cities.  These signs are to GDOT specifications; they were designed by Stan Armstrong, the GDOT state sign manager.  Guidance on how to prepare the signs for your water trails are included in this package.
River Signage
  • Interpretive Signs (Flora/Fauna/ Historical/ Cultural/Natural History Identification signs at the access points or along the Water Trail) 
  • Mile Markers
Dam & Portage Signage
Signs should be placed upstream of dams and other hazardous features that might challenge paddlers. A portage sign should be placed at the trail or best point to walk around hazards or rapids.
Campsite Signage
Important to mark where camping is and is not allowed for trails that have the potential for an overnight distance.
Additional Resources
Signage Manual from Iowa Water Trails Toolkit
Signage Resources from American Rivers

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