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GRN’s Water Trail Illustrative Mapping Program

GRN is proud to announce our new illustrative mapping program for Georgia‘s water trails. In an effort to provide an affordable resource for water trail/ watershed groups in need of illustrative maps for marketing material, kiosks, visitor centers, educational facilities etc. GRN has begun producing Water Trail maps at a fraction of the standard GIS design cost.

Included are both watershed/basin scale and water trail section maps with illustrative detail including identified sites and access points along the trail.

Huge thanks to Jon Devine and Kenny Gilbert of the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) for making this endeavor a reality through their generous support of this program.

We worked alongside NEGRC to produce the Yellow River Water Trail (watershed & section maps) and Satilla River Water Trail Map and recently rolled out Georgia’s Little River Water Trail’s Illustrative Watershed and Section (1,2,3) Maps as GRN’s first official completed project.

For more information and/or to receive an estimate please email Gwyneth@garivers.org


Poster Size Map
Place in launch kiosks, CVB’s, Chamber of Commerce, schools etc.
Include the following:
  • Short Water trail description
  • Inset of Georgia map with location of water trail watershed
  • Major obstacles, rapids etc.
  • Designated sections with class of whitewater (Class I-VI)
  • Photos of water trail’s highlights (waterfalls, historic site etc.)
  • Distance between access points
  • All public access points
  • Existing facilities at each access outfitters,restrooms, food, potable water etc.  (either chart or icons)
  • List of Notable Flora/Fauna (Threatened and endangered species)+ Photos
  • QR Code – Water Trail website
  • Map Key/Legend that includes: River watershed, Tributaries, River, Future Trail, Water Trail, Communities, and Major roads.
  • Water Trail Logo and URL, Georgia Water Trail Logo and URL (must receive designated status as an Established Water Trail to use the GA Water Trails logo and receive permission from GA River Network)
  • “…Water Trail is made possible through the generous support of…”(List sponsors and supporters)
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