Intro to Kayak Fishing




August 18, 2024
  • 10 am to 3 pm
  • Lake Lanier at Shady Grove Campground, 7800 Allyn Lane Memorial Way, Cumming, GA 
  • $90 for class only
  • A limited number of rental kayaks are available during registration for $33
  • A limited number of sets of Fishing gear is available for rent during registration for $15
  • Georgia Fishing License is required to register for this class. You can purchase a Georgia fishing license here.
  • Unless otherwise noted, registration for all classes opens March 1 and closes 2 days before the class.

      Intro to Kayak Fishing

      Aug 18 |  10 a.m. – 3 p.m.  |Lake Lanier at Shady Grove Campground
      7800 Allyn Lane Memorial Way, Cumming, GA 30041

      This is an introductory class to get you more comfortable using your kayak for fishing, more familiar with your fishing gear and techniques, and better equipped to use your kayak to enhance your fishing experience.

      Nationally certified ACA Kayak and Kayak Fishing instructors will help you leverage your kayak, expand your knowledge and skills, and become a more proficient angler!

      Your Instructors

      Ahmad Williams and Fletch Griffin (Westbrook Supply Co.) are nationally certified ACA Kayak and Kayak Fishing instructors. During this class they will help you get more comfortable setting your kayak up for the day, maneuvering in your kayak and actually turning your kayak into an advantage to be safer on the water, catch more fish and have more fun!

      This is one of the first places in the nation these ACA certified instructor led courses are being offered in Kayak Fishing, combining the gold standard of paddlesports instruction with industry leadership in kayak fishing to help you learn the best ways to enjoy this sport!

      Fletch and Ahmad have volunteered their time to bring this class to you today so that your tuition will go towards the work Georgia River Network does to support our rivers statewide! Please make sure to tell them how much we appreciate their willingness to pay it forward!

      What to Bring/How to Prepare

      • We will start promptly at 10 am, so please eat breakfast before you arrive and bring lunch with you to eat with the group. Bring lots of water to stay hydrated and feel free to bring snacks that fit in your life jacket.
      • Bring a thermos full of something warm to drink and leave an extra set of warm, dry clothes in the car…just in case!
      • Every participant will be required to wear a US Coast Guard approved Type III life jacket anytime we are within 10 feet of the water or are out on the water. There will be no exceptions.
      • Every participant will need a kayak, paddle and life jacket. Rentals from GRN are available during registration for an additional $33.
      • There will be a $5 parking fee at the State Park unless you already have a State Parks Parking Pass.
      • DO NOT WEAR COTTON. Poly pro materials that are quick wicking are far preferable. You will also need shoes that cover your toes, attach at the ankles and give you good traction. In a pinch, old tennis shoes work well.
      • You may choose to wear neoprene/a wetsuit or you might layer over your quick wicking layers with wool or fleece to insulate. You should also bring a weather resistant outer layer like a splash jacket, rain jacket or wind breaker. If you have a drysuit or dry top, or other exposure gear, you are welcome to bring that, as well.
      • We will meet on land for a while before moving to the water. Please bring a camp chair for your comfort. You will put it back in your car before we go on the water.
      • You should also bring sunscreen, bug spray, hat, and a strap for your glasses.
      • Other gear that will come in handy if you have it: whistle for your life jacket, flip line, paddle float, sea kayaker’s tow rope, tubular webbing, floatation bags/beach balls (for sit inside kayaks), bilge pump, rain jacket (just in case), dry box or dry bag for your valuables, first aid kit with pliers/lip grips.
      • Georgia fishing license, fishing rod and reel, basic fishing tackle.
      • This will be a catch and release class and we will follow all Georgia fishing regulations.
      • Class is assumed to be meeting rain or shine. If there is a weather consideration, you will receive an email from your Lead Instructor the day before.


      Your class fees support Georgia River Network’s advocacy work for the Right to Float Georgia Rivers, to Save the Okenfenokee, and other intitiatives in support of the Georgia Water Coalition, the Georgia Outdoor Recreation Coalition, Georgia Water Trails and the Georgia River Guide free mobile app, and the Okefenokee Protection Alliance.

      Georgia River Network is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1998 to serve as the voice of Georgia’s rivers. GRN works to empower everyone to connect with, and advocate for economically vital and clean flowing rivers in Georgia. 

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