How many people participate?

Typically 250-400 people participate in Paddle Georgia, making it the largest week-long canoe/kayak camping adventure in the country.  Paddlers range in age from 4 to 84, and bring a wide range of skill levels. Most of Georgia River Network’s Paddle Georgia Adventures are suitable for novice paddlers.

Can I go for just part of the trip?

Yes. In 2024, Georgia River Network will include multiple registration options, allowing you to register for 2, 3 or 4-day options in addition to the 7-day “thru-paddler” option.

What does my registration fee include?

Your Paddle Georgia 2024 registration fees include event T-shirt, boat decal, maps and river descriptions, camping with bath facilities, shuttles and guide services, entertainment and educational programs. Your registration fee does not include meals or boat rentals; meals are sold separately and you may choose your meal plan when you register. Rental boats can be secured through local outfitters. For Georgia River Network’s Paddle Georgia weekend adventures, meals are included in the registration fees. For our day trips, registration fees include shuttle and guide services, educational programs and river maps.  

What’s a Paddle-A-Thon?

Georgia River Network’s Paddle-A-Thon is more than just a fundraising competition. Participants are also competing to see who paddles the most miles, picks up the most trash and even who paddles the most miles with their pet! Prizes are awarded in multiple categories. But, like a walk-a-thon, Paddle Georgia’s Paddle-A-Thon will raise money for Georgia River Network. Each participant is asked to solicit donations from friends, family and business associates. Those participants generating more than twice their registration fees may choose to request a refund on their registration fee.  Georgia River Network swag is awarded to participants who reach fundraising milestones ($250, $500 and $1000). Paddle-A-Thoners compete for gifts and prizes totaling more than $8000, including new canoes and kayaks and other great merchandise and services from our many sponsors. THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE TO PARTICIPATE IN PADDLE-A-THON. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER

How much does it cost?

Registration fees range from about $70 for our day trips on up to about $450 or more for our week-long Paddle Georgia adventure. Check each individual trip for pricing. Revenue from Georgia River Network’s Paddle Georgia River Adventures is used to protect our rivers and develop water trails across the state. 

Do I need to be an experienced paddler?

You don’t need to be an expert, but a little experience is helpful. We’ve had complete beginners participate in many of our events, and most trips are generally suitable for novice paddlers. Review the descriptions of each event to determine your comfort level. Generally, trips designated as flatwater/Class I are suitable for beginners. If you are new to paddling, we ask that you take a basic canoeing or kayaking instruction class. Georgia River Network periodically offers basic kayaking classes as do other paddling organizations such as Georgia Canoeing Association and Kayak Classes Georgia. 

What about boats? And, what do I need to bring?

You are responsible for bringing a canoe, kayak, paddleboard or other person-powered vessel, paddles and a personal floatation device. Georgia River Network has a small fleet of rental kayaks that are typically available for our day trips and weekend adventures. You can reserve these boats when you register (rentals include paddle and PFD). You can also rent from local outfitters near our river destination. See our list of outfitters to find an outfitter.  Also bring standard camping gear including a tent and personal items for our overnight adventures. Your boat should be of a size and weight that you and another person can carry. 


Where do we camp?

Our campsites typically are are private campgrounds, public parks, or schools. Typically, our campsites include restrooms, showers and a central sheltered gathering place for serving meals and conducting evening education programs and entertainment. Some campsites include options for indoor accommodations with beds and many include options for RVs/campers. In most cases, these campsites are located on the water body we’ll paddle.

Do I need to bring food?

No. Paddle Georgia overnight events include catered breakfasts, dinners and sack lunches. However, during our seven-day Paddle Georgia event you may choose to bring your own meals, or a portion of your own meals. Registration options enable you to choose from multiple meal plans.  We recommend taking advantage of our meal plans. Campfires are not permitted at many of our campsites, and it’s just a lot easier to let our caterers do the cooking!  Vegetarian and vegan options are available for all meals; gluten-free diners are accommodated as well. Georgia River Network does not provide meals for our day trips. If you register for one of those day trips, bring your own food and snacks! 

What's the proper attire?

River rat chic is preferred, but we welcome all styles! Plan your clothes according to the season and conditions under which we will paddle. Our paddle trips continue rain or shine except in circumstances of severe weather.  Please note…everyone wears a personal floatation device at all times on the river so your PFD is your most noticeable fashion statement! Make sure yours fits comfortably because you must wear it!

Where do I leave my car?

Shuttle services are provided on all Georgia River Network Paddle Georgia River Adventures. Generally, for our day trips, vehicles will be left at the take out site and shuttles will be run prior to launching. On our weekend paddle-camping trips, we use a variety of shuttle schemes to reconnect you and your boat with your vehicle at the end of the trip. During our seven-day Paddle Georgia adventure, shuttles will be provided such that you will have your vehicle accessible to you at all our campsites.

Can I fish during Paddle Georgia?

Yes, but you are responsible for obtaining appropriate licenses and understanding and following the proper rules and regulations.

Paddle Georgia Policies:

For your safety and the safety of others.

  1. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the river. Depending on campsites and events, Georgia River Network sometimes provides Molsom/Coors/Terrapin beer products with dinner each evening during our overnight paddle trips.
  2. All participants must attend the pre-launch safety briefing. Participants must adhere to the safety guidelines presented.
  3. Participants must wear a properly fitted U.S. Coast Guard approved personal floatation device at all times on the river.
  4. Participants under age 18 are the responsibility of, and must be accompanied by, a parent or guardian.
  5. Sorry, no pets allowed.
  6. All participants must sign a Medical and Emergency Contact Information sheet and a Waiver of Claims and Release of Liability form. Parents must sign for children under the age of 18. (These forms will be sent in the info. packet.)
  7. Person-powered watercraft only.
  8. All participants must respect private property along the river.
  9. All participants must have basic paddling skills and be capable of self-rescue in the water.
  10. No more than 2 children under the age of 12 per adult guardian.
  11. All participants, especially small children, must have a designated seat in the vessel in which they are traveling.
  12. Georgia River Network is not responsible for any personal property that may be lost, damaged, or stolen during the trip.
  13. No firearms are permitted on the trip.

Code of Conduct
At Georgia River Network, we like to think of our river adventure participants as our “river family.” We come from many different backgrounds, but the river is the great equalizer and our common bond. We want all participants to treat one another as family.

  • Be respectful of all participants, including their property, their person and their personal views. On our river adventures you will paddle, eat and camp with people that are very different from you. Please respect and celebrate those differences.
  • Be helpful. If you see someone that needs a hand in camp or on the river, please lend yours.
  • Be courteous. Be prepared to wait in lines for restrooms, shuttle buses, meals and more. Remember, we are all in the same boat; only by working together can we get everyone safely down the river.
  • Do not use inappropriate language. This is a family event with participants of all ages.
  • Do not verbally or physically intimidate or abuse other participants.
  • Do not become intoxicated or under the influence of mind-altering drugs.
  • Do not violate quiet hours by engaging in loud talk and disruptive behavior between 10 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. 

Violations of these policies can result in the participant being removed from the event without refund.


Refund Policy

Generally, Georgia River Network provides refunds, less 10 percent, if we are notified at least a week in advance of the date of the beginning of the trip. Cancellations made in the week leading up to an event can sometimes still be refunded, depending on the particular event. However, as a general rule, refunds are not issued when cancellations are made within the week prior to the event. 

The paddling and time on the river is, of course, the reason we come but the people that come together for the week have become the main reason I do the trip. It is the highlight of the summer.

~ Alan Kendall

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