Paddle Georgia, as we’ve known it in the past, may not be happening in 2021, but 15 small-group COVID-safe journeys are…and so is the Paddle Georgia Canoe-a-thon!

2021 Canoe-A-Thon

Paddle Georgia’s Canoe-A-Thon raises critical funds that allow Georgia River Network to work for clean, healthy rivers. Each participant is asked to solicit donations on a per-mile basis. Canoe-A-thoners compete for gifts and prizes and can become eligible for priority registration for the next Paddle Georgia trip.

The Canoe-A-Thon works just like a walk-a-thon. Ask prospective donors to sponsor you at a specific amount for each of the miles you’ll be paddling during Georgia River Network’s Paddle Georgia 2021 river adventures. The money you raise goes to support Georgia River Network’s efforts to…

  • Engage people in enjoying and protecting their rivers
  • Support more than 30 local river protection groups across the state with financial grants, training and professional assistance
  • Influence state legislators and decision makers to establish policies that protect our rivers

Paddle Georgia Canoe-A-Thon grants have been used by local river protection groups to:

  • Build new canoe and kayak launches
  • Establish water trails and install information kiosks at river access points
  • Conduct water monitoring to identify pollution problems
  • Eliminate pollution problems

Paddle Georgia Canoe-A-Thon Prizes!

Help Georgia’s rivers and win great prizes while you’re doing it! 2021 prizes will be listed as they are secured. This is what we’ve secured so far! 

  • A kayak from Cedar Creek Outdoor Center ($1000 gift certificate for the boat of your choice) 

How to Get Your Canoe-A-Thon Started

We have made it easier than ever to solicit donations from friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and, yes, even strangers by signing-up for FirstGiving, an online service for event-based fundraising. Here’s how it works:

Option 1 – Raise Funds Online (of course, the best option):
  1. Go to (website link coming soon!)
  2. Click on Register to set-up your account.
  3. Create your account by completing all the screens.
  4. Complete your very own fundraising page for Paddle Georgia Canoe-A-Thon, complete with pictures. (Make sure you use jpg or gif files.)
  5. Use the special features of your FirstGiving account to add photos, You Tube videos, link to Flickr or Facebook, or email all your friends.
  6. Make your first gift (to yourself) to see dollars in your account (or ask your biggest supporter to make your first donation now)
  7. Email everyone you know, pass the word in-person, make phone calls and direct everyone to your Canoe-A-Thon page to contribute online.
  8. Watch the dollars roll in!
  9. Email Dana at or call 706-549-4508 if you have any questions about FirstGiving or need help.
  10. For those folks who prefer the old way, go to option 2, but keep us posted on your fundraising activities.
Option 2 – Raise Funds Offline:
  1. Print out the Pledge Form(PDF) or use the pledge form.
  2. Solicit donations on a per-mile basis. For instance, a $1 pledge would equal a $95 donation!
  3. Collect money at the time of solicitation.
  4. Mail checks in to Georgia River Network as you receive them or turn your treasure trove in to us when you arrive at Paddle Georgia.
  5. Prizes will be awarded to those participants generating the most money. Winners will be announced during the week of Paddle Georgia.
Option 3 – Facebook Fundraiser:
  1.  Go to
  2.  Select “Raise Money for a Non-Profit” then select Georgia River Network 
  3.  Follow remaining steps and begin!

Priority Registration Rules and Policies

The top 250 Canoe-A-Thon fundraisers who raise at least $300 will be eligible to register for Paddle Georgia 2022 during a special priority registration period before regular open registration begins in Feb. 2022. For families, $300 must be raised per adult for priority registration.

The 2021 Canoe-A-Thon starts Nov. 11 and will go through Nov. 15, 2021.

If you choose, you can contribute to your own Canoe-A-Thon.

By participating in the Canoe-A-Thon, you help us accomplish two important goals of Paddle Georgia–introducing more people to our beautiful rivers and raising more money to protect these precious resources.

Virtual Paddler Canoe-A-Thon Participants

For those of you who cannot directly participate in Paddle Georgia but still want to support the event and Georgia River Network and the local watershed group, you can still participate in Canoe-A-Thon by being a virtual paddler. Just set up your Canoe-A-Thon page the same way and tell people you will be with the other paddlers in spirit.

Click Here for Tips on How to Raise Money for Canoe-A-Thon

Where else can you paddle with 300-400 people with like ideals and hobbies? Paddle Georgia epitomizes what Outside World stands for: Good People, good boating, a fantastic time and raising money for a good cause all at the same time.
~ Brent Troncalli , The Outside World

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