Healthy Rivers, Healthy You Challenge: Wasted Water: Home & Garden 
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Did you know that conserving water can be as easy as making little changes around the house? According to the EPA, the average American family uses 400 gallons of water per day. Approximately 70% of that water is used indoors, with the bathroom being the number one consumer! You can make little changes, like making sure your toilet isn’t leaking water to help conserve your family’s water usage. Did you know the toilet alone uses up to 27% of water being used? That’s crazy!

Other ways to conserve water are cutting short the water you use daily. Challenge yourself to shorten your shower by just 2 minutes to help save water. Or turn off the water while you’re washing dishes! You can also save water by washing your clothes in cold water, instead of warm. Warm water can contribute to shrinking your clothes or fading the color of them. Washing in cold water can save you energy and keep your clothes looking good!

Spend more time out in the yard than anywhere else? There are ways to save water by gardening too! Do you use sprinklers? Set a timer on them, so you aren’t wasting water! You can also make a rain garden or a rain barrel, which collect runoff rainwater! Rainwater is better for your soil and plants, can help reduce runoff pollution, and can reduce your water bill! Even better, you can decorate your rain barrel however you want! Check out this awesome how-to article on how you can create your own rain barrel! 

Georgia River Network Promotes Water Conservation 

At Georgia River Network, we promote any task, large or small, that can conserve the water flowing through Georgia’s rivers. The quality of our rivers faces many threats as it flows from the river, to the pipes in your homes, and back into the river again. Making little changes around your home can help reduce the water usage in your family, which helps conserve and protect water. Check out our river protection guide for resources to protect rivers in your community, no matter how much time or energy you have to get involved!  


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