Healthy Rivers, Healthy You Challenge: Catch Covert Costs
Healthy Rivers Healthy You copy

Did you know that there’s ‘hidden water’ in things we use and food we consume every day? And the worst part is that these things can even cost you more money! A 50 Watt light bulb can use up to 5 gallons of water per day for every hour that it is left on, and one pound of beef (from farm to plate) uses 1,800 gallons of water! So, how do we catch these water costs? It can be as easy as turning off the lights in your house when you know you are leaving or are not in the room, which can save you money and conserve water!

 But how does this relate to my health? Have you ever tried Meatless Monday? According to the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, a vegetarian diet can reduce the water consumption in the US by about 58%! And get this! Vegetarians are less likely to get diseases than meat-eaters, and are more likely to live longer!

Whether it’s to save water or become a healthier, plant-eating you, going meatless for just one day a week can make a big difference, and there are hundreds of delicious vegetarian recipes out there!” Check out this cool website with tons of great meal ideas! Share with us your favorite veggie recipe in an email or through our social media, so we can check out your marvelous Meatless Mondays!

Georgia River Network Advocates for River Protection

By doing small things around the house to conserve water, you’re enforcing sustainable conservation efforts in your life! Georgia River Network does the same by advocating for environmentally friendly practices, such as protecting stream buffers, river restoration, dam removal, and reduction of pesticide and fertilizer use on farms, all of which can reduce the negative impacts on river, stream, and coastal habitats, and in turn, the fish we eat!

Make sure to reach out to us on social media, and let us know how you’re doing by tagging @GeorgiaRiverNetwork and using the hashtag #riverhealthy. You can also reach out to us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to sign up for our newsletters to see featured participants and stay up to date on what Georgia River Network is doing.