Paddle Georgia 2013

Georgia River Network takes great pride in Paddle Georgia being for people of all walks of life. It has become a tradition for many, and we understand why. On Paddle Georgia, you don't just paddle 100+ miles down a different Georgia river each year. You become part of a special community, develop life-long friendships, learn about the river you're paddling and the surrounding communities it supports, get a good workout, relax in some of Georgia's most beautiful and untouched areas, and - best of all - have fun! If you don't believe us, just read and watch what the participants of Paddle Georgia 2013 themselves say! Last year we paddled South Georgia's Flint River from Warwick to Bainbridge.

Paddle Georgia 2013 video by Joe Cook


Gordon Rogers, Flint Riverkeeper


Paddle Georgia is great for families!

"I am 20 years old now, and one thing I am grateful for is that my mother, when I was 11, made me go canoeing with her. At the time I was not over joyous about it, but now I am so happy I went. I have met so many nice people from all different backgrounds while paddling on the river. Farmers, politicians, doctors, scientists, and teachers. People getting together to do something they love is an amazing experience. The sense of community on a river is different than any community I have experienced on dry land. I have been going on this 100 mile paddle trip for the last 9 years, and I hope in the future I can keep finding a free week in my summer to keep going on  Paddle Georgia."            
- Daniel McNavish, Paddle Georgia participant


 Grandfather & Grandson          Father & Daughter                   Father & Son

Father & Daughter                    Family of Four

It's also great for teachers!


 Teacher blogs about PG for     Teachers share how they have 
 her students!                            used what they've learned on
                                                  Paddle Georgia in their classrooms!

And environmental professionals!

American Rivers employee,      Community Foundation of      
former GRN employee,            South Georgia employee   
 enjoys the Flint River on           talks about the importance   

 Paddle Georgia's                      of organizations like  
 Professionals Day                     Georgia River Network     

And politicians!


 State Representative shares why
 he chose to join us on Paddle Georgia!

And all other walks of life!


 Fish jumps out of water!           Particpant tells her story of       Kids enjoy a fun roll down 
                                                  how, after losing 50 lbs, she     a sand bank!
                                                  rewarded herself by doing  
                                                  Paddle Georgia!


PG participants talk about         College student speaks out
how important nature is and      about how college students 
the valuable education they      can make a difference. 
receive during the trip.


NOTE: A few Paddle GA Participants independently shared their experience via video on YouTube. Just google "Paddle Georgia 2013" to view them.