Speak Up!

Georgia is home to more than 70,000 miles of streams, 425,000 acres of reservoirs and lakes, 429,924 acres of coastal marshlands, 4.5 million acres of freshwater wetlands, 265 species of fish, and 165 species of freshwater mussels and snails.  And there are 10 million Georgians who need clean water!

More than half of Georgia’s monitored streams and waterways are too polluted to meet their 'designated use' – meaning you can't drink from them, or fish from them, or in some cases even swim in them. Every day, there's less clean water for our homes and businesses. Every day, Georgia's unique river plants and animals are further threatened. This is our current river legacy.

But you can change that.   What’s your water’s use?  Are you prepared to work to protect clean water in a place that matters to you?  You can help protect and restore our rivers, so we can all enjoy them today, and for many more generations. And we can help you do it.  Together, we can make a difference.

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