Water Trail Workshops and Presentations

Water Trails that Work: Discovering the Keys to a Successful Water Trail
Porterdale, GA
October 13, 2012

Water Trails Workshop

This Water Trails Workshop was specifically geared to assist the Yellow and South River in their efforts to become established water trails. However, the material was useful to many other developing and established water trail groups as the framework for the workshop will be based on the National Water Trails System’s Criteria for Best Management Practices. 




  * Katherine Edmonds - American Rivers’ Southeast Forest and Water Coordinator
‘  Economic Benefits of Water Trails’ 
   Learn about the economic benefits and local gains that can come from promoting river
   recreation in communities and how water trails can be effective in bringing tourism, getting
   communities on their  local waterways, and promoting conservation.  Powerpoint PDF



  * Bob Thomson -  Porterdale City Manager
‘  Planning a Water Trail: Vision & concept development, fund acquisition & execution’
HHow comprehensive planning through the charette visioning process set the stage for
   Porterdale’s Community Agenda.

Community Support


  * Matthew Pate -  Forsyth County Parks& RecreationOutdoor Programs Manager
‘  Partners Mean Progress:  Etowah River Canoe Trail’
   Learn how partnerships with the local community, county, & city Government can result in
   long term sustainability of your water trail. 
Powerpoint PDF


 * Dan MacIntyre - Page Perry LLC, Georgia Canoeing Association
‘  Understanding Private Property Issues and Working with your Community to Avoid Conflict
  A brief look at the river access and passage issues of which we must be aware and how to
  develop a paddling trail that honors them.

Recreation Opportunities


   * Anne Nguyen – UGA undergraduate student of  Landscape Architecture
‘  Fundamentals of Launch Design: What you need in your toolbox’  
How to make sure your design is safe, environmentally sound, has accurate inventory, and uses
   professional resources. 
Powerpoint PDF


 * Dave Teffeteller - Coosawattee Watershed Alliance
‘ Planning, Designing, Constructing and Operating Blue Trail Launch Sites’
  An overview of site selection, permitting, design and cost estimating, construction,
  capitalization and maintenance. 
Powerpoint PDF


 * Mike Crook - Middle Chattahoochee River Stewards
The Chattahoochee Valley Blueway; how we are adapting an existing reality to fit a concept’
Recreational usage along the Chattahoochee Valley Blueway increases exponentially each year. 
  Learn how new and existing access points have been adapted and improved and how developing
  safe/formal passage around two dam structures will open the water trail to a variety of recreation
  experiences from snorkeling underwater archaeological sites to bird watching.



  * William "Hap" Tietjen – Georgia Adopt A Stream
‘Water Quality & Quantity: Ecosystem Health= Community Health’ 
  Learn how to get GA Adopt A Stream involvedin your community and on your water trail
  and about the many educational benefits that come with it. 
Powerpoint PDF

Conservation Restoration


* Bonny Putney - Rivers Alive -Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s Headwaters Outreach Manager
‘Get your Community Involved! Lessons Learned on the River’
Find out the benefits of community involvement by using Rivers Alive waterway cleanups, working
with partners and celebrating what is special about your water trail. Case studies will be highlighted
and you will receive hands on information you can put to use immediately in your community. 

Powerpoint PDF


 * Robby Bowen – Vice President Meanders River Restoration, Inc.
‘How River Restoration Can Play a Vital Role in a Healthy Water Trail’ 
Learn about various forms of river restoration, how river restoration can improve a water trail,
when restoration is necessary, and the associated costs.
Powerpoint PDF

Public Information


  * Harold Harbert - EPD Watershed Protection Branch’s  Outreach Manager
‘ Who wants an Interactive Map for their Water Trail?’ 
Learn about EPD and GRN’s collaborative Interactive Water Trail Map Project, the useful information
   that will be accessible to the public online, and how you can ensure your water trail map is added to our database.
        Powerpoint PDF


  * Gwyneth Moody - Georgia River Network’s Community Programs Coordinator
‘ The Wonders of the Georgia River Network Water Trails Clearinghouse’
Take a brief tour through GRN’s Water Trails Website, the official clearinghouse for finding info
   about all of the established and developing water trails in the State, as well as a useful toolkit for
   those water trails still in the conceptual phase.
Powerpoint PDF


Weekend for Rivers ~ Water Trail Toolkit
Chattahoochee Nature Center, Atanta, GA
Friday, February 25, 2011

Trail Planning and Fundraising Panel
Panel Members: Charlotte Gillis, Matt Pate, Josh Smith, Dan Macintyre. 
Launch Design, Permitting and Construction - Keith Parsons and Don Wells, Mountain Stewards

Water Trails Marketing and Tourism -Cheryl Smith, Georgia Tourism Division

Water Trails Conservation and Education - Joe Cook, Coosa River Basin Initiative

Status of Water Trails in Georgia and the Economic Benefits of Water Trails - Katherine Edmonds, Georgia River Network

Chattahoochee Whitewater Park, Conception to Completion - John Turner, WC Bradley Co.

Building a Trail in Your Community: A Case Study - Karen Hunt, Hawkinsville-Pulaski Riverfront Advisory Committee Member & Karen Bailey, Hawkinsville Better Hometown Director

Water Trails and Private Property Concerns - Dan MacIntyre, Page Perry LLC

Water Trails Nuts and Bolts Workshop
Canton, GA
September 17, 2010
Resources and presentations from the workshop:

Speaker List and Contact Information

Charlotte Gillis - Introduction to Water Trails

Dave Teffeteller - Gilmer County Blue Trails

Don Wells - Launch Designs

Keith Parsons Permitting Presentation

Water Trails - The Status in Georgia
Georgia Wildlife Federation's Alcovy Conservation Center
March 11, 2010

Resources and presentations from the workshop:

Charlotte Gillis - Benefits of Water Trails; Georgia Trails Overview

Christine Olsenius - Southeastern Water Trail Efforts

Charlotte Gillis & Sonny Emmert - Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail

Matthew Pate - Etowah River Canoe Trail

Gary Gaines - Upper Chattahoochee River Canoe Trail Study

Karen Hunt - Ocmulgee River Blueway

Matt Rice - The concept of blue trails and the connection to river conservation

List of Participants

List of Participants Interests - Notes taken during introductions to help you remember who was who.

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List of RC&D Councils

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