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Georgia River Network Presents the 2013 GA River Challenge:


Take 13 People Paddling in 2013 - Share the joy of paddling Georgia’s rivers with friend and family

Georgia River Network is encouraging river lovers to celebrate Georgia’s rivers – from wild places to urban waterways – by taking 13 people paddling in 2013.  Set your New Year’s resolution to get outside, get active and get to know your home state with friends and family who might not otherwise go on their own. Georgia’s rivers offer a variety of experiences including family friendly afternoon paddles, riverside hikes, exciting whitewater and blackwater experiences.

The goal of this year’s ‘Take 13 People Paddling in 2013’ challenge isto promote Georgia’s growing water trail movement and send more people to the Georgia Water Trails Website to identify water trails to paddle, locate outfitters, find organized paddling trips or plan their own trip. You can see the ‘Take 13 People Paddling in 2013’ challengeproject page at https://www.garivers.org/experience-your-river/experience-your-river/150.html.

To join the list of paddlers participating, just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and address to sign up.  When you have successfully completed the challenge by taking 13 people paddling on Georgia’s rivers, send in documentation about your trip including photos, stories, videos and/or poems about the rivers you explored and with whom. Send to Georgia River Network, 126 South Milledge Ave. Suite E3, Athens, GA 30605.  GRN will send you a sticker for your boat.  The rivers can be within the same river basin to earn your sticker.  GRN reserves the right to reprint and reuse any documentation submitted. Georgia River Network’s Water Trails Website can help you find outfitters, events, organized trips, resources and a list of Georgia Water Trails to plan your own adventure.

Current River Issues
At Georgia River Network, we envision a clean water future for Georgia. Find out about the issues we're working on now to make this dream a reality. Learn about it here.
Water Trails
Our Water Trails Clearinghouse is designed to help you find great places to paddle in Georgia and also to give you the tools to create paddling opportunities in your community. Learn more here.
Paddle Georgia
Paddle Georgia is a 7 day trip on a different river each June. Be sure to sign up for the Paddle Georgia newsletter to stay in touch with the going on! Visit the official Paddle Georgia website or our YouTube channel to learn more.