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Every year Georgia River Network devises a new challenge for Georgians and beyond. Well, 2012 was the year to paddle 12 different Georgia rivers! Over 60 people took on the challenge initially. While not every person finished and not every river below fits the exact criteria established, it's more about just getting out on the water and paddling, paddling, paddling. So, congratulations to the individuals below who completed the challenge. If you click on the links you will be directed to their rivers, stories, blogs and photos. Enjoy!

  Kyle & Andrea Camp                                        Joe Cook


 Gerry Cowart                                                     Allison Hughes


  April Ingle                                                          Anne Ledbetter


 Bobby Marie                                                       Lonny & Rhonda Martin


 Suzi Parron                                                         Patrick Phelps


Mary Siceloff & Liz Williams                                 Glen Smith


Current River Issues
At Georgia River Network, we envision a clean water future for Georgia. Find out about the issues we're working on now to make this dream a reality. Learn about it here.
Water Trails
Our Water Trails Clearinghouse is designed to help you find great places to paddle in Georgia and also to give you the tools to create paddling opportunities in your community. Learn more here.
Paddle Georgia
Paddle Georgia is a 7 day trip on a different river each June. Be sure to sign up for the Paddle Georgia newsletter to stay in touch with the going on! Visit the official Paddle Georgia website or our YouTube channel to learn more.