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Discover and explore Georgia’s 38 unique water trails using the free Georgia River Guide mobile app powered by Georgia River Network. Georgia’s network of water trails comprise hundreds of miles of navigable waterways and stretch to every corner of the state. Like the water equivalent of a hiking trail, each water trail has safe public access points and are suitable for day-trips. 

Using the app, in a few simple taps, anyone looking to recreate on Georgia’s rivers can discover nearby water trails and learn about safe public access points, river mileage between accesses, points of interest, nearby shuttle services and more. Having loaded the Georgia River Guide app with safety information including river difficulty, potential hazards and rapids, real-time access to river gauges and recommended runnable levels, Georgia River Network hopes to keep boaters safe on the water.

Whether you are curious about the iconic wetlands of the Okefenokee Wilderness Area Canoe Water Trail in the southeast, the limestone-lined banks of the Flint River in the southwest, or the historic waters of the Etowah River in the northwest, the Georgia River Guide can help you find the perfect section of river for your next adventure.




  • Public access points & river mileage
  • River conditions & recommended runnable levels
  • Level of difficulty
  • Specific river rapids or hazards
  • GPS location when in-service and access to all data when out of cellular service
  • Outfitters and shuttle services
  • Cultural and historic points of interest
  • Available amenities
  • Tips on how to plan your trip & stay safe on the water
  • And more!

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Help Support the Project

The Georgia River Guide mobile app is a free resource powered by Georgia River Network, a nonprofit advocacy organization working to conserve and increase access to Georgia’s waterways. GRN believes that everyone deserves to connect with and explore their rivers.

Help support this vision by sponsoring or donating now so the app can continue to be maintained and developed to better serve all who wish to explore their waterways.

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DONATE: Text GARIVERS to 352-436-6283 to make a donation to support the project.

Tips for Downloading

  1. Connect to WiFi before attempting the initial download & while opening the application for the first time
  2. If an error message pops up when you try to download the app, you may not have enough room on your phone. Data for this app is stored locally so that users can access it when outside of celluar service.
  3. Download the offline basemap prior to going out on the water to enjoy the most robust offline maps.
  4. Once your offline map is finished downloading, select the basemap dial from the Map Display options and enjoy!

Protect Your Rivers

Georgia River Guide is a project of Georgia River Network, a nonprofit river conservation organization, and is designed to support the organization’s goal to connect more people to Georgia’s rivers and educate paddlers on the importance of water trails, water safety and river conservation.

Georgia River Guide is completely free with no in-app purchases so everyone can be empowered to enjoy Georgia’s waterways.

About Georgia River Network

  • Founded in 1998, Georgia River Network serves as the voice of Georgia’s rivers and works to empower everyone to enjoy, connect with, and advocate for economically vital and clean flowing rivers. 
  • In addition to the Georgia River Guide app, Georgia River Network empowers all to enjoy and protect Georgia’s waterways through Paddle Georgia trips, water safety classes, the organization’s river user guide book series, advocacy action alerts and more. Visit to learn more. 
  • Through the years, Georgia River Network has supported a variety of stakeholder groups in establishing water trails on their local waterways. Learn more about the Georgia Water Trail Network here.

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Privacy Policy

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Thank you to our partners:

The Georgia River guide mobile app was made possible thanks to Georgia River Network’s individual and organization partners. Information for the app was curated from river experts and from the following resources: Georgia River Network’s guide books written by Joe Cook and published by University of Georgia Press, “Canoeing & Kayaking in Georgia” by Suzanne Welander and Bob Sehlinger and published by Menasha Press (2015), American Whitewater, National Park Service, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Power Company, various outfitters and watershed, river keeper and water trails groups and paddlers who frequent Georgia’s water trails. Special thanks to the many teams of college interns from the University of Georgia and other institutions who have supported this research over the years.

The Georgia River Guide mobile app marketing videos were produced by Corwyn O’Neil Media, a full service production company specializing in photography, videography and web presence. Corwyn O’Neil Media will help you tell your story in a way that builds relationships and strengthens your community. Learn more and book here:


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