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Writer, naturalist, and environmental activist, Janisse Ray, said it best during her interview with Warren Wilson's Echo in October 2010 when she said, "Story is transformative. People change because of stories they read. Story is powerful. We need to tell stories of a world which the things that matter are main character. We need to tell new stories of how to navigate the world, how to take care of the earth, and how to love each other. Because if we don't tell our stories, corporations will tell them for us. And that won't be pretty for the future of the planet or the human community."

GRN also believes this. It's why we collect river stories as often as possible. We hope you enjoy the stories we've selected to share. As you make your way through them, it is our hope you will relate to them and are motivated to do more to protect, restore and enjoy Georgia's beautiful waterways from the mountains to the coast.

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