Water Trails & Paddling


Criteria to Become an Established Water Trail

Georgia River Network considers a water trail established once the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • Water trail is sponsored, maintained and promoted by a local entity or partnership.
  • Publicly accessible areas that paddlers can legally access and safely unload boats and park vehicles.
  • River access sites are appropriately spaced apart on the river so that they may be reasonably paddled in a few hours or a full day.
  • Depending on the length of the trail, water access to public overnight camping sites.
  • Information about the water trail provided to paddlers through a website and illustrative maps created by the sponsoring entity.
  • Signage/ kiosks placed at all water trail access points that include: river etiquette information, paddling safety information, and a map of the water trail.

If your group need assistance with fulfilling these criteria please look into receiving Georgia River Network’s Intensive Water Trail Technical Assistance.

To apply for your community’s water trail to be featured in the Georgia Water Trail Clearinghouse, please fill out this Georgia Water Trail Application.

Find out how to have a National Water Trail Designated in your Community.


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