River Conservation Jobs

Georgia River Network keeps track of river job openings all over the Southeast. We also provide links to organizations and services that do the same thing nationwide. Check back here periodically for new listings -- we post them as we get them.

Georgia River Network Internships
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • GIS Gerogia Water Trails Mapping Intern 
  • Social Media Intern
  • Web Design Intern
  • Water Trails and Community Programs Intern
  • Fundraising Intern
  • Georgia River Network Programs Intern
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Georgia Coalition Communications and Event Planning Intern 
  • Georgia River Network Program Intern 
2017 Paddle Georgia Internships or Volunteer Positions

Job Announcements


Savannah Riverkeeper - Development Director - 4.3.17

Flint Riverkeeper - Staff Attorney and Field Operative - 4.10.17