Coosawattee Blue Trail

(North Georgia Water Trail/ Gilmer County Blue Trail)
Water Trail Description
GA Water Trail Logo Web Reg Font BiggerFrom rolling whitewater headwaters through to Carters Lake, the Coosawattee River Blue Trail (a.k.a Headwaters North Georgia Water Trail/ Gilmer County Blue Trail) covers approximately 60 miles of paddling water. With strategically located canoe and kayak launches and waterway-accessible campsites, recreationists, fishermen and paddlers can enjoy a few hours or a few days on Gilmer County's streams, rivers and lakes.
Beginning at high altitudes as small mountain streams in Gilmer County, the Coosawattee River and its tributaries are the headwaters of the Coosa/Alabama/Mobile river system that flows through Alabama to Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico - over 800 miles of paddling-streams, rivers and lakes.
The Coosawattee Watershed Alliance in cooperation with Gilmer County, Corps of Engineers, Georgia Department of Natural Resources and Mountain Stewards created the Blue Trail that extends from the headwaters of the Cartecay and Ellijay rivers to their confluence as the Coosawattee River, along the Coosawattee River through Carters Lake, the impoundment created by the largest earthen dam in the eastern US, to its confluence with the Conasauga River. Canoe launches and waterway-accessible campsites have been revitalized and constructed to facilitate the recreational use of this important resource.
North GA Water Trail- HeadwatersRiver Basin
Cartecay River, Elijay River, Mountaintoun Creek, Talking Rock Creek, and Coosawattee Rivers
60 miles
7 Access Points
Classification of Trail
Class I/II+
Overnight Trip Option
Yes on Carter’s Lake

Partnering Organizations
Coosawattee Watershed Alliance
Gilmer County
Corps of Engineers
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Mountain Stewards
Contact Information
Dave Teffeteller
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