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Georgia River Network workshopWorkshops Offered Upon Request -- Members Only
To request a workshop, or if you would like us to present a topic not listed below, please call the office at 706-549-4508 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your group's name, which workshop you would like to request, and a list of potential dates.



Perfect Outreach Project Workshop August 9, 2016 

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Getting Organized: How to Form A Watershed Group

Do you and your watershed neighbors know that you want to make changes in your community and protect its natural resources, but you aren’t sure how to get started? Let Georgia River Network work with your group to chart out a future. This training program will focus on how to build a sustainable organization from the beginning, including developing a name, mission statement, Board of Directors, and case statement, and beginning the process of applying for non-profit status. Suggested Text: “Starting Up: A Handbook for New River and Watershed Organizations” by River Network ($45). Duration: Specific to your organization.

Creating A Strategic Plan for Your Organization

This customized workshop will work with your board to understand the elements of an effective strategic plan and will lead your organization through the process of creating or updating your plan. Duration: Variable.

Strategies for Successful Fundraising

This workshop will be customized to the needs of your group. Topics can include: fundraising basics and tools, direct mail, asking for money, fundraising plans, getting your board more involved when “fundraising isn’t their thing,” and grant writing. Duration: Variable.

Leadership Development and Campaign Planning

Need more volunteers? Don’t know how to find new board members? No time to add new projects? GRN will provide a workshop on how to build leadership within your organization based on work in your current annual plan. This workshop will create links between project/ campaign planning and building new leaders for your group.

Board of Directors Workshop

GRN can provide a variety of information for your board including roles and responsibilities of board members, securing new board members, planning for the board and the organization, and committee structures.

Membership Development

Who becomes a member and why? How do you start recruiting members? This workshop will provide tips on how to increase renewals, use of direct mail and more. Duration: 1 hour.

Meeting Facilitation: Run a More Effective Meeting

Are you tired of going to meetings and getting nothing accomplished or meeting simply for the sake of meeting? Are you struggling with how to deal with the group troublemaker? Let Georgia River Network provide your group with tips on how to effectively plan, facilitate and follow through for effective meetings. This workshop is based on principles taught by the Institute for Conservation Leadership and the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund’s Environmental Leadership Institute. Duration: 2 Hours.

Communicate the Watershed Message with Effective Media Skills

Watershed groups have really important messages, yet we often lack the communication skills to get our message out to the public. Effective media skills are crucial to the long-term success of your watershed and your organization. Thus, in this workshop, we will focus on message development, and also provide tips about media strategies, press releases, radio and television interview skills, and how to develop long-term press relations. Special emphasis can be placed on any of the above topics based on group needs. Maximum of 25 participants.

For other great nonprofit workshops, the UGA Nonprofit Program offers board member seminars:


Clean Water Act

Learn how to clean up your watershed by understanding and affecting the “designated uses” for your river, understanding and affecting the “water quality standards” for your river, monitoring and affecting the permits to discharge pollution (“NPDES Permits”) in your river, nominating your river as an “Outstanding National Resource Water” or ONRW, and understanding and affecting the list of your watershed’s impaired and threatened (“303(d) listed”) streams and the restoration plans (“TMDLs”) created to remove the impairment(s) or threat(s).

Get the Dirt Out

Get the Dirt Out is a workshop created by Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and Georgia Center for Law in the Public Interest in partnership with the Riverkeeper organizations in Georgia. The "Get the Dirt Out" program is aimed at giving citizens the information and skills they need to keep dirt out of their streams by making sure erosion and sedimentation laws are obeyed and enforced in their communities. "Get the Dirt Out" teaches citizens about federal and state erosion and sedimentation laws, how to spot violations to those laws, and a protocol to follow when violations are discovered. If you do not have a trainer in your watershed, contact GRN to set up a workshop. For more information and to view trainers in your area, visit


Government agencies and legislative bodies make decisions every day that impact our watersheds. Learn how to be an effective advocate through this lobbying workshop. We will cover topics ranging from how much lobbying your organization can participate in based on your non-profit status to how to make your visit with a decision-maker the most effective. Minimum participants: 20; Maximum Participants: 80.

Impacts of Urbanization

Based on principles taught by the Center for Watershed Protection, this slide show outlines the hydrologic, morphologic and biologic impacts to streams that result from the increased impervious cover associated with urbanization. This presentation may be of interest for watershed group membership meetings, use in high school science classrooms or for your local officials. The slide show can be provided to your group for outreach purposes in your watershed.
Duration: 1 hour.

An Introduction to Georgia's Rivers and River Issues

This presentation provides a basic overview of the river systems of Georgia, threats to water quality and how to get involved in river protection.

Eight Tools for Watershed Protection

This presentation is based on the Center for Watershed Protection’s approach to protecting watersheds with a combination of 8 tools including watershed planning, land conservation, aquatic buffers, better site design, erosion and sediment control, stormwater best management practices, non-stormwater discharges, and watershed stewardship programs.